Consulting Services


Our consulting services provide clients with the assistance and support required to easily and quickly resolve any issues that they may have with the software, or service, that they have implemented within their organization. With multiple methods of contact, queries are answered with speed and attended to as and when the client requires assistance.

Whether you’re looking for brand new software, or a company who’ll pay attention to your needs with your existing software, Greytech can assist you.

Consulting & Implementation

Service is our passion and as one of our core values we take pride in implementing software in a professional manner that aims to minimise disruption to our client and allows them to gain a return on their investment as quickly as possible.

Our consultants take pride in their work and strive for a high sense of responsibility, ensuring only the very best when it comes to implementing your software. Our people care about our clients, and will go to any lengths to resolve their problems.

At Greytech, you are not just an account number, but you are part of our family. Our people get to know your business and your staff, on every level needed to ensure that the implementation and support of your software is a valuable experience. Our personal touch and valuable experience form the building blocks of each and every implementation, coupled with executive level involvement in all implementations.

Our experience also enables to us to assist you in redesigning your business processes, in order to assist you in becoming more efficient and therefore, more profitable. We strive, at all times, to add value beyond the software we are implementing.

Products that we Implement & Support

  • Sage Evolution 200
  • Sage Pastel Accounting
  • Sage Pastel Payroll & HR
  • Microsoft Office 365

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