Cloud Server Hosting

Self-manage your own custom server environment on our powerful hardware platform, with full root/administrator access and choice of Linux or Windows Server Operating Systems.

R1529 Per Month
R559 once off setup
monthly contract
unlimited traffic
Intel Xeon E3-1230
2 x 1TB Micron 1300 SSD
single power supply
Software RAID 1
R3709 Per Month
R1149 once off setup
monthly contract
unlimited traffic
Intel Xeon E5-2620
3 x 960GB Micron 5200 ECO SSD
dual hotswap power supply
Hardware RAID 5 (battery backup)
All servers include
  • fast setup
  • monthly contract
  • choice of OS incl. Windows
  • full root/administrator access
  • 50GB FTP backup
  • IPv4 /29 network
  • recursive DSN server
  • disk flexability
  • DDoS protection & mitigation
  • redundant (A+B) power feed
  • RMI tunnel
  • enterprise-class hardware
  • 100Mbps connection
  • Juniper backbone technology
  • 99.9% network uptime
  • intelligent climate control
  • 24/7 hardware support
  • rescue system
  • multi homed
  • 90 minute hardware swap
Optional Extra’s
Windows Server StandardR539 per month
Windows Server DatacenterR3749 per month
Windows Remote Desktop Services LicenseR149 per license per month
Hardware customisation feeR249 per instance
SSD 240GB (small)R249 per month
SSD 480GB (medium)R449 per month
SSD 1TB (large)R809 per month
4 Port RAID card (only available on Plus)R829 per month
8 Port RAID card (only available on Plus)R959 per month
additional CPU (only available on Advanced)R959 per month
16GB memory moduleR289 per month
32GB memory moduleR739 per month
1TB SATA Enterprise driveR249 per month
2TB SATA Enterprise driveR319 per month
4TB SATA Enterprise driveR539 per month
RAID Battery (only supported on 8 Port RAID card)R579 per month
remote handsR190 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof)

Our Self-Managed Servers are perfect for

  • Saas applications
  • Microsoft Applications
  • system administrators
  • cloud providers
Choice of operating system